At the beach with DICK and BOB

A day at the  beach  with  BOB and DICK ... We used to be a frequent visitors to the beach  ME and BOB
but as years went by  just slowly started to die out ... but never the less we still  go there for a occasional game of Frisbee .. but this trip was to  take DICK around ..

here is Photographer  Dick(left) taking pictures and Shadow BOB ( right ) .. preparing for his breakfast

The 1st step  Eating using your FINGERS!!

DICK passes the test ..... Mr. you are now
officially INDIAN .. !!


Fisher mans Boat .. these guys are among the most hardworking people  I have seen .. their catch is what  brings them  income ...some days its a JACK POT .. other days are just bone dry .. fish  bones that is   hhehehe

 These boats go way out to sea and drop in the  nets and the fishermen on  shore start to pull in  .. slowly and at a certain  pace .. its a lengthy process .. like could  start at 6 :00 am and by the time  they reel in  all the net ....could be close to  11:00 am .                                                                        

This  big Crowd ...shows that there has been  a catch .. they drag net the  fishes in  ,, the freshly caught fish  if there is  alot .. people by  em  fresh off the net very cheap rate .. but today  was not our day  .. they only made a catch  mere just for themselves ....

mostly its small fish  this time and they  start to divide it among themselves ...and  the picture on the  left ...  JELLY FISHES ..!! thats what they  mostly dragged in .. no they don't eat that .. usually  some of it  turns bird and crow feed .. others just dry out ...and some get washed back in to the sea  along with the tide going in and out -  DEAD OFF COURSE ...  I guess natural fish  feed huh  !

But this time there was something different .. there were takers for the  JELLY FISH  !!!!..

They said this was for someChinese  company  that made natural medicines !!!! ..I  sure hope that was true .. ..they didn't take the whole  JELLY FISH .. they  used on a  portion of it  I think  ,.. coz they were separating the  head from the tentacles ..they  took the  tentacles and left the head umbrella portions.

As the time moved on  .. the fisher man  called it a day  .. and started cleaning and wrapping up  their nets .. usually they'd go in  for a second time I guess not  today  .. may be they just knew from experience that  .. today  there wasn't going to be  much  of a catch

BUT thats not to say  they didn't make anything at  all  some one among them had these in their hands

Hmmm....looks like a parrot fish !!..then again I am no fish  expert ...  but sure do  love them as FOOOOD !!

Now  for some FUNNIES ..
Meet Bob the crow butting man  from  Lamirada 
oh that crow better watch out !!!
Attack of the killer  crows .....that guy sure better watch out .....!!


Well was a hot day  ..dick took a few more shots and we left ,.. we didn't play Frisbee ..but it was fun to check  out the place and show dick around ....

Remains of the last standing .


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