Vinlal took all of us to the back water area of MURUKUMPUZHA .. his  dads place and the place where he spend his childhood holidays when he used to visit from the Middle east

Was a nice ride close from  Kazhakuttom ..

For Mark and Bob am sure was a special treat .. Mark got a lot of location shots for his up coming films and as for Bob... hey  good ól bobby lama was just laying back and relaxing .. living in the middle !!

Saw something moving by the lake shore .. closer look showed it was a baby  crow , My 1st instinct was to  save it  before it drowned and probably take it home nurture it back to health  .. but  my friends advised against it as the  crow colony is really nasty when  it comes to outside interference - even if its a helping a hand ..either I get my head pecked on  or they'd peck this little one out of the flock on  coming to  human contact !!...

and they weren't joking ..coz high above on the coconut tree sat one of its parents.... looking down  at me ...

I  just didn't want it to end up  like its sibling ...hard dried on the ground
WELL.. I guess just like Vinlal said .. "Leave it to MOTHER NATURE " ..I guess


Above :  Manu( vins cousin!)  our local Contact .. Bob  taking shots for Mark and then  he turns " HI BOB!!!!"
Our gondolier !!!

SHOTS Heading out to the  other side ....


Bob having fun posing for the photos ...mark trying out  camera angles ..

Mark filming a another country boat that passes by


Hmmm.. a coir production unit !! Cool ... have seen these in  ALLEPPY but here  wow !....

BOB gets a helping hand from one of the workers .. left side : coconut fibers in the process of making rope !!

The production house  

OH  boy sure wont want my hands to get stuck in thoses ..OUCH !


BOB shares a drink with                      LIME SODA any one ???.

Another form of traditional  workers we can  call em  artist really ..making roofs out of coconut palm leaves...  
                                  In Kerala the Coconut tree  ..nothing goes to waste!!!


 Small fish swimming about ..most commonly seen all over Kerala,  

Mark  points to a JELLY FISH !!

Another Boat makes its way back to this side of the lake while we head out to where we started off from ..

Look who is  here is  receive us our little crow kid buddy ... we what can I say  VINLAL was right  leave it to MOTHER NATURE take care of things her  own way ..Glad to see this one out of the waters ...

 Another Jelly Fish !!!! by the boat where we got off .. this place is loaded with them ...  BLUE COLOR  ..just amazing 

Our little trip was coming to end ..we rode back in  Vinlals ALto ..on the way  we stopped  to see his  Uncle at a recreation club

This little half day  trip sure was the worth while  .. I have been to Alleppy many times .. still would go .. for the love of the  back waters but here was a place where you could  reach  from Trivandrum  anything close to say 30 mins to 45 mins .. but you have to have some Local contacts ..
                                                                                                                         Thanks VINLAL!!!  ....dude you sure made that  SUNDAY  a nice trip for us all ..


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